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when you find great places

be selfish and

hold onto them

So, What is Trot?

Trot is a bookmarking app for all your places; the kind you've been to and loved and hope to go back to again and the kind you've been meaning to really get to since you read about them in that random travel blog. Also for the kind your friends have been to and have you green with envy to your toes.

There's a thrill in being in a new place - city, country, village, mohalla whatever. But there's also a thrill in discovering new favourites in old places. Meandering down narrow lanes known and unknown, finding food, music, graffiti, books, libraries, nicknacks, people, even that funny looking tree or that ancient manhole cover. 


With trot, mark them on a map and save them for when you revisit, for that last day of your trip on which you want to hit the best spots, or share them with your friends to create a common memory of a place you actually visit years apart.



TROT - The bookmarking and sharing app for all your places will be available for download on 8 November 2019 for android.

P.S - iOS users will have to wait a little bit more. Sorry!

Discover with Us

Discover some fun places from our world guides. We update these often, and you'll find the weirdest, funnest places on them, interspersed with a few travel cliches because cliches have their own place in our hearts.

Hit download to add these to your Trot Places, the tag for the list is given with each category. These change super often, and at times we will focus on certain themes or certain cities, depending on where our travels take us. So keep checking this space often and the Explore section in the Trot app.



Discover our city with us as we try and capture the vibe of Pune in these 32 places ranging from the cliched to the unknown; spanning food, art, music, nature, and life.

Public Art Installations


Fascinating and out of the box art installations all around the world. Art pieces with a purpose or initiative to broaden your perspective

Fantastical Places


Unreal, mind boggling and unearthly sites to be witnessed across Planet Earth.




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